宾夕法尼亚州的后工业城镇, 主要制造企业的离去带来了一系列挑战. Yet, for many, it has also created a new opportunity—the growth of small businesses and startups.

这些业务带来的希望一直是汤姆Sharbaugh的驱动力, 手机买球app下载法学院的实践教授和大学的主任 企业家帮助诊所 (EAC), which provides free legal resources to small business owners and entrepreneurs around Pennsylvania.


汤姆Sharbaugh, professor of practice, 手机买球app下载 Law, director of the University’s 企业家帮助诊所


The 企业家帮助诊所 provides free legal resources and advice on most aspects of small business development in Pennsylvania.

“I have been invigorated by the immense challenge of rebuilding Pennsylvania’s many Rust Belt communities, 一次一个新公司.

我在坎布里亚郡的乡下长大, I am particularly interested in helping the many residents of small cities and towns who are determined to improve their communities 和ir own lives through entrepreneurship.”





根据 U.S. 中小企业管理局在2015年,小企业就业人数增加.在宾夕法尼亚州创造了47140个新工作岗位. 自2016年开业以来, the EAC has helped over 350 clients 在宾夕法尼亚 by offering free legal advice on entity formation, 创始人协议, 股权投资协议, and other services that are often too costly for early-stage startups and small businesses to obtain.

“We tend to represent small clients who wouldn’t be represented otherwiseSharbaugh说:“. “These people would either go without legal representation or they would go the do-it-yourself route based on what they could find on the internet.”

Sharbaugh says many small businesses underestimate the importance of expertise and advice that can only be gained from qualified legal representation, 尤其是在成立公司的早期阶段.

“当你有一个团队的时候, 这有点像一场婚姻——一开始很顺利,后来却失败了Sharbaugh说:“. “为了说明这一点, 我们帮助许多客户成立了一家简单的公司, 以及在团队成员之间就谁拥有什么达成协议, 如果其中一个跑向不同的方向会发生什么, 如果他们创造了任何知识产权.”

“在宾夕法尼亚周围的那些小城镇里仍然有很多人才. 这是给他们注入新生命的一种方式.”



虽然位于州立学院 欢乐谷启动箱由PNC银行提供, EAC向整个英联邦的小企业主开放, 和 team of ten 手机买球app下载 Law students and two supervising attorneys travels throughout Pennsylvania to give workshops and one-on-one consultations. 沙堡说,这是因为它的覆盖范围和网络, the University is uniquely positioned to provide these legal resources on a large scale.

“手机买球app下载很适合这种方法,因为我们的校园和 发明手机买球app下载的21个创新中心Sharbaugh说:“. “我们也与他们密切合作 Ben Franklin技术合作伙伴18个小企业发展中心(SBDC) 在宾夕法尼亚.”

自从诊所开业以来, 它曾在塞林斯格罗夫(Selinsgrove)为一些宾夕法尼亚企业提供家庭餐厅服务, 杰斐逊县的一家宠物寄宿制企业, 以及来自库茨镇的夫妻发明家团队. 据Aleshia Marshall说, 克莱里昂大学(Clarion University) SBDC的业务拓展顾问, the resources the clinic provides are vital to fueling small businesses in her local community.


“这个项目不仅为我的客户省了钱, 但它为他们提供了创业的教育和有价值的工具.”


“我在宾夕法尼亚州乡下当商业顾问, I have found that many of my clients start with no employees and little start-up cash. 没有企业家援助诊所, several of my clients would have had to delay opening or sacrificed other portions of their plans due to funding issues,”马歇尔说. “这个项目不仅为我的客户省了钱, 但它为他们提供了创业的教育和有价值的工具.”

The clinic started as a service for 手机买球app下载-affiliated entrepreneurs and State College-area small businesses, but Sharbaugh says that as he became aware of the many small businesses and startups cropping up around Pennsylvania, 重要的是扩大EAC的范围.

“在宾夕法尼亚州的某些地区, 人们不再等待大型企业回到他们居住的地方Sharbaugh说:“. “所以他们开始思考,‘我该如何创业,自己做点什么?’”

A map of Pennsylvania with 发明手机买球app下载's twenty-one innovation hubs highlighted

“手机买球app下载很适合这种方法,因为我们的校园和 发明手机买球app下载的21个创新中心.”


除了帮助这些小企业实现他们的目标, the EAC also provides 手机买球app下载 Law students with valuable experience while working under the supervision of Sharbaugh and Tyler Etter, 诊所的第二任监督律师.

Sharbaugh added that 手机买球app下载 Law soon recognized the need for intellectual property assistance and started the separate Intellectual Property Legal Clinic under the direction of Dr. 瑞秋牧民. 手机买球app下载 Law 和 发明手机买球app下载 initiative have provided funding for both clinics, 以及美国政府的资助.S. 经济发展管理局.

“我非常相信我们的土地出让使命, 而我认为诊所是其中的一部分. We’re operating under the same outreach mission as when the University was first founded and would advise Pennsylvania farmers on the best corn seed to plant.”

“Our students are gaining the same real-world experience they’d receive at a law firmSharbaugh说:“. “The work the students do is the same work I would’ve given to entry-level lawyers at the firm where I used to work.”

By leveraging this expertise within 手机买球app下载 Law as well as strategic initiatives like 发明手机买球app下载, Sharbaugh sees the clinic as a re-envisioning of 手机买球app下载’s land-grant mission for the modern age.

“我非常相信我们的土地出让使命, 而我认为诊所是其中的一部分Sharbaugh说:“. “We’re operating under the same outreach mission as when the University was first founded and would advise Pennsylvania farmers on the best corn seed to plant.”

Sharbaugh says the EAC hopes to fulfill this mission by building economic resilience in the areas of Pennsylvania that need it most—former industrial towns like the one where he grew up.

“在宾夕法尼亚周围的那些小城镇里仍然有很多人才Sharbaugh说:“. “这是给他们注入新生命的一种方式.”


宾夕法尼亚州立法律企业家援助诊所 允许学生代表企业家, 初创公司和非营利组织,类似于小型律师事务所. 在实践教授的指导下 汤姆Sharbaugh, students provide legal services to the clinic’s clients in much the same manner as practicing lawyers. Clinic students learn the basic skills necessary to attract and interview potential clients, 组织一份商业计划, 与客户和第三方进行口头和书面沟通, 进行研究, 事务性文件草案, 和准备, 和管理, 关闭.


发明手机买球app下载 这是一个全英联邦范围内的刺激经济发展的倡议吗, 创造就业机会, 学生事业的成功. 手机买球app下载融合了以创业为中心的学术项目, 创业培训和孵化, 资金商品化, and university-community collaborations to facilitate the challenging process of turning research discoveries into valuable products and services that can benefit Pennsylvanians and humankind.


汤姆·沙堡撰写了一本 专栏 这篇文章发表在《手机买球app下载》(2019年4月25日) regarding the growth of entrepreneurship in rural Pennsylvania communities 和 many organizations and resources, 包括手机买球app下载的发明, 这些因素共同支持了这个不断扩张的经济部门.